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Last updated 12th October 2023

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Latest news, information and / or Points of order

New Fixtures for Season 2023 are now available
Please head over HERE to view the new season's fixtures. Be aware to check back prior to season start to in case of any last minute additions

Presentation Night (for Season 2022)
Please be aware the date for the presentation night is Monday 13th November - Venue TBC.

Rules introduced ahead of Season 2021 still apply and are as follows

Changes to the rules on the Break

Please familiarise yourself with the Modified Old EPA Rules Break new. This can be downloaded

Alternate break
It was voted in that the break would alternate between home and away teams i.e. the home team breaks on the first game and then each new game the break alternates between the two sides. Any games played out of order for whatever reason must consider this and conform to the break in order on the matchsheet.

New Matchsheets are available view and download

Player registration
It was also agreed that all players are to be registered with the league. Please download the registration form HERE and return completed to Belinda. Going forward, the names of both players must be captured on your team sheets.

As always, scores will need to be sent to Trevor's by Tuesday evening latest, AND the team sheets photographed and sent to Belinda's number. Alternatively they can be brought to the pool meetings however it is preferable that both teams photograph their sheets and send to Belinda each week.

60 Second Shot Clock
The 60 second rule was abolished but please use common sense during the games and play within the spirit of the game.

The 5 Player Rule
A brief reminder of a change agreed at the last League Meeting prior to lockdown, and again at the 1st meeting of this season (at the Hig's Head)... It was agreed by all members that teams can play with 5 players instead of the previous 6. So in the event of a team only being able to field a team of 5, instead of forfeiting points a player's name can be pulled of a hat to play again to fulfil each game type.

Note that a different player must be drawn for each game (Single Pool, Doubles Pool, Double Doms and 5&3's) i.e. a new player must be drawn to play for Double Pool, another for Double Doms and another for 5’s & 3’s.

During the recent easing of measures we appreciate this may be difficult to always field a full side and so we request all teams to be patient in instances where a team can only field 5.

Note that it is posible to have a team of 5 pool and 6 dominoe players, where one of the dominoe players does not play pool, and has not this season played. They should not feel any pressure to play pool. In this event, the above 5 player rule applies. This is also the case for non-dominoe players.

Opposing Team No-show
The rule for games where one team does not turn up has been amended as follows; The team who turned up offers the offending team 2 dates on which the match can be played. If the offending team cannot make either of these they shall forfeit all points and the opposing team is awarded 5 points at pool, 4 points at doms and 2 points at 5’s & 3’s.

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